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Natural science education past the school – An Interactive Biology – Ecology Park

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CZ.1.07 OP Education for Competitiveness
Requisition title
Carlsbad Region 02 – Call for GP No. 2 – Area 1.1
Priority Axis
7.1 Initial training
Area of ​​support
7.1.1 Improving Quality in Education
Total eligible project costs
3,500,000, – CZK
Commencement of the project: 1.1.2010
Date of completion of the project:

The project aims at attracting, developing and improving teaching in selected subjects (especially biology, physics, geography, but also foreign languages ​​and ICT) at Gymnázium Cheb grammar school with an effort to achieve their multidisciplinary connection. The project output are the design illustration of an interactive park dedicated to Sciences and ecology – IPEP (abbreviation of the name in Czech) as well as the creation of interactive pilot exhibits. The main elements of the proposed IPEP are primarily visual interactive exhibits demonstrating in an entertaining way the variety of natural and environmental phenomena and patterns that surround us. Learning is based on your own experience, so that IPEP become a place of attractive educational activities for all interested parties. The primary outputs are expanded educational opportunities of teachers within the educational process. The entire plan is based on the pedagogical practice-proven thesis that the best way to really learn something is to „discover“ it yourself. The game is one of the most natural ways to explore the world around us and the laws which govern it. Children, respectively young people of school age, are naturally curious and enjoy accepting the possibility of independent experimental work and learning.

Description of activities

• designing an interactive park dedicated to biology and ecology, which is located on adjacent school          grounds of Gymnázium Cheb grammar school
• creating and installing interactive exhibits within the IPEP
• training teachers in using interactive teaching methods
• Teaching in IPEP through interactive exhibits
• creating links to extended target groups 

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