The concept of the park

The interactive elements plan was based on the project documentation for the adjustment to the area of Gymnázium Cheb grammar school, prepared in November 1994. The proposal aimed at stating a scheme of the compositional distribution of interactive elements that would serve to illustrate lessons in astronomy, physics, natural sciences (zoology, botany, mineralogy) and technology.

The solution concept of the IPEP is based on the uniqueness of this area, which allows a spatial division of individual thematic units so that they follow up on one another compositionally and the artistic arrangement itself not be disturbed by experimental areas or plantings. It optimizes the ratio of free lawns to planting. At some thematic units it was necessary to ensure the specific conditions of terrain through building modifications and the construction of auxiliary structures. Interactive exhibits are treated and processed as significant elements of small garden architecture forming a harmonious whole with the surrounding vegetation. Compositionally, they will be positioned so as to create the necessary dominants.

Location and compositional structure of thematic groups was performed with respect to the demands of plant habitats, their specific cultivation requirements and specific needs of technical and other interactive exhibits (sundial, etc.).

The garden is part of a large complex that we call landscape. Thus, as in our body, every part – from small to large cell bodies – is as important and irreplaceable, and so should all the elements in the garden be, in harmony and balance. No part of it should attract so much attention to itself that the other be overshadowed. This principle is respected within the IPEP.

At the entrance to the IPEP premises there is an entrance information board with the plan of all interactive elements located in the complex. The purpose is to promote the project board with thanks for grant titles acquired for implementation of individual parts of the IPEP.

By entering the site we are getting to the astronomical IPEP with exhibits of the Solar System Model, Sundial, and Polar Rose. The interactive exhibit of solar / water fountain is a transition between the astronomical section and the following, total – technical area. The area is represented by an interactive technical exhibit – weather station with webcam. The area between „A“ and „C“ pavilions, as well as around the „B“ pavilion (the car park) is ready for the next phase of implementation into the IPEP as a space for interactive exhibits in the field of engineering and physics. The planned thermometric trail will create a connection path along which we will get to the botanical section. The first interactive exhibit representing this area is the phenological/nature calendar. We will continue to the agrarian part, represented by the existing greenhouses. The agrarian theme (creation of cultural landscape as a result of the mutual activity of nature and human) can be gradually supplemented in subsequent phases. The path is then leading us across the agricultural section to the botanical and zoological parts, which are examples of different types of gardens (using mineralogical features). The latter are accompanied by background created for songbirds (bird boxes, drinking fountains, feeders, etc.). In this part of the IPEP there will be another interactive exhibit installed – the directional hearing aid. It will allow you to listen to singing birds and thus improve your enjoyment while watching the life of these animals. The furthest point of the IPEP is defined for the next phases of implementation as an archaeological IPEP corner, where IPEP – visitors will be able to play at paleontologists while exploring and learning about the skeletal remains. The way to the archaeological corner will be lined with information boards representing the evolution tree. These will be located on the wall lining the running track.

The basic idea of the IPEP is that during their tour of the park visitors gradually transfer from the universe into the distant past. In the quest for knowledge they will learn a great many interesting and useful information from astronomy, physics, engineering and botany. They can also relax at the sight of aesthetically beautiful elements (all created interactive exhibits meet the parameters of taste).

It was not possible to realize the whole concept of the IPEP within the CZ.1.07/1.1.11/02.0029-project. However, the concept of the park was designed modularly, so that it is open and ready for further development within new projects representing the next phase of implementation to the Interactive Scientice – Ecology – park.

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